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110 campsites you will love in 2018!

Public vote: These are Europe's most popular campsites

On the basis of ratings by campers www.camping.info, one of Europe's top camping guides, has selected the most popular from over 22,000 campsites in 44 European countries.



The top campsites in Europe

Europe's top campsite is located in Austria. This is the result of the Camping.Info Award 2018 organised by www.camping.info, one of Europe's leading camping guides. Out of more than 22,000 European campsites from 44 countries top ranking went to Camping Grubhof (Austria, www.grubhof.com), Camping Hopfensee (Germany, www.camping-hopfensee.de) and Komfortcamping Schlosshof (Italy, www.schlosshof.it).


The concept

The Camping.Info Award is among the most highly coveted awards on the European camping scene. The awards are based on the satisfaction ratings of 65,554 registered campers, who posted a total of 141,713 ratings on Camping.Info. "The rankings are based exclusively on the ratings provided by campers. Accordingly the Camping.Info Award is an honour awarded purely by the public, in which only customer satisfaction counts", states Erwin Oberascher, founder and managing director of Camping.Info. "This means that even small, highly committed campsites have a good chance of being listed among the Top 100 in Europe and of being discovered as an insider tip." Mr Oberascher is proud of the specially designed formula for the calculation, which above all takes into account the reliability of the person providing the rating, thus preventing manipulation. Further factors which influence the final results are the number of ratings and how up to date they are.


The best campsites from 10 further countries

In addition 10 more campsites are honoured. These are in each case the top campsite from 10 countries which would otherwise not appear in the Top 100 rankings. For 2018 this provides a prizewinner from Albania, Croatia, Slowenia, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, the Czech Republic and Hungary. 

How the rankings were created

No 'black box', no jury and no margin for discretion!

The placings were awarded by calculating a total score based on....

  • the average overall impression
  • the average overall impression weighted in terms of voter reliability
  • the average overall impression weighted by how recent the rating is
  • the fourth root provided by the total number of ratings

The fourth root is calculated so that none of the influencing factors receives a disproportionate weighting. For example, whether a campsite has 50 or 100 ratings can make a relatively big difference, but whether it has 400 or 500 ratings does not play such a big role. Accordingly the fourth root levels out any distorting effects. In order to be considered in the rankings a campsite has to be rated by at least 25 guests.


The rankings of the campsites with the highest camper satisfaction levels

You will also find the campsites with all the relevant data on the search page of Camping.Info by selecting "Camping.Info Award 2018", or you can download the PDF here.


1. Grubhof Salzburg
2. Camping Hopfensee Bayern
3. Genießer und Komfortcamping Schlosshof Südtirol
4. Camping Village Marina di Venezia Veneto
5. Panorama und Wellness-Campingplatz Großbüchlberg Bayern
6. Naturcamping Spitzenort Schleswig-Holstein
7. Camping Seiser Alm Südtirol
8. Campingpark Südheide Niedersachsen
9. Rosenfelder Strand Ostsee Camping Schleswig-Holstein
10. Camping- und Freizeitpark LuxOase Sachsen
11. Stadtcamping Schweinfurt Bayern
12. Camping Murinsel Steiermark
13. Campingplatz Auf dem Simpel Niedersachsen
14. Camping am Deich - Nordsee Niedersachsen
15. Prümtal Camping Oberweis Rheinland-Pfalz
16. Caravan Park Sexten Südtirol
17. Camp MondSeeLand Oberösterreich
18. CampingPark Lüneburger Heide Niedersachsen
19. Campingpark Kalletal am Stemmer See Nordrhein-Westfalen
20. Camping Resort Zugspitze Bayern
21. Ferien-Camp Börgerende Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
22. NordseeCamping zum Seehund Schleswig-Holstein
23. Camping Brunner am See Kärnten
24. Insel-Camp Fehmarn Schleswig-Holstein
25. Röders Park - Premium Camping Lüneburger Heide Niedersachsen
26. Campingplatz Freizeitinsel Bayern
27. Campingpark Kühlungsborn Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
28. Camping Hüttenberg Ostschweiz
29. TIROL.CAMP Leutasch Tirol
30. Thermenland Camping Rath und Pichler Steiermark
31. Camping Strukkamphuk Schleswig-Holstein
32. Camping Vreehorst Gelderland
33. Campingpark Lug ins Land Baden-Württemberg
34. Kur- und Feriencamping Max 1 Bayern
35. Sportcamp Woferlgut Salzburg
36. Camping Land an der Elbe bei Hamburg Niedersachsen
37. Camping Holmernhof Bayern
38. Camping Park Weiherhof am See Rheinland-Pfalz
39. Camping Lindlbauer Bayern
40. Camping Ankergrund Bayern
41. Camping am Hardausee Niedersachsen
42. Camping Ötztal Längenfeld Tirol
43. See-Camping Mentl Kärnten
44. Kneipp-und ErlebnisCamping an den Spreewaldfließen Brandenburg
45. Strand- und Familiencampingplatz Bensersiel Niedersachsen
46. Nordsee-Camp Norddeich Niedersachsen
47. Recreatiepark TerSpegelt Noord-Brabant
48. Komfort-Campingpark Burgstaller Kärnten
49. Hells Ferienresort Zillertal Tirol
50. Caravan Camping Sächsische Schweiz Sachsen
51. Camping und Ferienpark Falkensteinsee Niedersachsen
52. Camping Ostsee Katharinenhof Schleswig-Holstein
53. Panorama Camping Sonnenberg Vorarlberg
54. Camping Südstrand Schleswig-Holstein
55. Seecamping Berghof Kärnten
56. Camping Residence Sägemühle Südtirol
57. Campingpark Heidewald Nordrhein-Westfalen
58. Blütencamping Riegelspitze Brandenburg
59. Camping Bankenhof Baden-Württemberg
60. Camping Münstertal Baden-Württemberg
61. Camping Julianahoeve Zeeland
62. Camping Insel Bayern
63. Camping Simonhof Bayern
64. Campingplatz Krautsand Niedersachsen
65. Ferienparadies Natterer See Tirol
66. Camping Sanssouci zu Potsdam-Berlin Berlin
67. Comfortcamp Grän Tannheimertal Tirol
68. Kur- und Feriencamping Holmernhof Dreiquellenbad Bayern
69. Alpen-Caravanpark Achensee Tirol
70. Erlebnis-Comfort-Camping Aufenfeld GmbH Tirol
71. Kur-Gutshof-Camping Arterhof Bayern
72. Strandpark De Zeeuwse Kust Zeeland
73. Ferienpark Seehof Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
74. Camping Gloria Vallis Südtirol
75. Camping Moosbauer Südtirol
76. Via Claudia Camping Bayern
77. Klostercamping Thale Sachsen-Anhalt
78. Castel LAnse du Brick Basse Normandie
79. Skiveren Camping Nordjylland
80. Campingpark Kerstgenshof Nordrhein-Westfalen
81. KNAUS Campingpark Walkenried Niedersachsen
82. Camping - und Ferienpark Wulfener Hals Schleswig-Holstein
83. Camping Silberbach Sachsen
84. SeeCamping Zittauer Gebirge Sachsen
85. CampingPlatz Ecktannen Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
86. Camping Gut Kalberschnacke Nordrhein-Westfalen
87. Camping Kirchzarten Baden-Württemberg
88. Camping Brunnen Bayern
89. Campingplatz Emstal Niedersachsen
90. Strandcamping Wallnau Schleswig-Holstein
91. Camping Am alten Seedeich Schleswig-Holstein
92. Ostseecamping Zierow Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
93. Schwarzwälder Hof Baden-Württemberg
94. Camping Schwanenplatz Bayern
95. 50plus Campingpark Fisching Steiermark
96. Strandcamping Groede Zeeland
97. Euro Camp Wilder Kaiser Tirol
98. Camping Schwabenmühle Baden-Württemberg
99. TCS Camping Sempach Zentralschweiz
100. Camping Seeblick Toni Tirol



The best campsites from 10 further countries

Place 1 in Albania Camping Lake Shkodra Resort Shqipëria
Place 1 in Croatia Camp Zagreb Zagreb
Place 1 in Hungary Termalcamping Papa Közép-Dunántúl
Place 1 in Slowenia Camping Center Kekec Pomurje
Place 1 in Greece Camping Gythion Bay Πελοπόννησος
Place 1 in Spain Camping Aquarius Cataluña
Place 1 in Sweden Langsjön Stugor und Camping AB Götaland
Place 1 in the Czech Republic Camping am See Vaclav Karlovarský kraj
Place 1 in Portugal Yelloh Village Turiscampo Região do Algarve
Place 1 in Poland Camp Park Sonata Warmińsko-Mazurskie

We congratulate all the winners and wish all campers a wonderful time. Have fun testing the best campsites!

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